Vaccines of Future: Bridging Science and Society        

March 20-22, 2025 Shanghai China

Vaccine Innovation Forum World
第6届 疫苗创新国际论坛


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The future of vaccine innovation rests in the hands ofthe next generation of scientists, whose fresh perspectives and innovative ideas are driving breakthroughs that will shape global health. This dynamic and   interactive poster session, dedicated to young scientists, provides a platform for emerging researchers to showcase their cutting-edge work and engage in meaningful discussions within the esteemed community of the Vaccine Innovation Forum.

This session will feature a diverse array of posters covering a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from novel vaccine designs and advanced delivery technologies to computational modeling and data-driven insights. Each poster will represent a novel concept, a groundbreaking experiment, or an innovative approach, encapsulating the passion and dedication of these early-career researchers.

The Young Scientist Poster Session is not only acelebration of scientific curiosity but also a melting pot of ideas that spark collaboration and networking. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with these budding visionaries, exchange ideas, and provide valuable feedback that could shape the trajectory of their research.

As we gather to advance the frontiers of vaccine innovation, we invite you to join us in supporting the future leaders of ourfield. Engage with the energy and enthusiasm of young scientists as they share their ideas and findings, illuminating the path forward for transformative advances in immunology, vaccinology, and global health.

Poster Application Submission

Please make applications by 1 Feb, 2024.

Posters are only accepted for those registered and attending delegates to the event.

Poster size: 120cm H*90cm W

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