Vaccine Innovation Forum 2023

June 29-30, 2023 Beijing China


Since the COVID-19 outbreak, global vaccine development has been in full swing. From traditional inactivated vaccines, viral vector vaccines, to novel mRNA and DNAvaccines, the technical routes for vaccine development seems to be successful one after another. After the initial completion of the "scratch" ofthe new coronavirus vaccine, in response to the problems existing in the early development and commercialization process, the development of next generation vaccine products and technology innovation have become new focus in the vaccine world. Meanwhile,the epidemic has also accelerated global investment to the entire vaccineindustry. All aspects of the vaccine value chain, from R&D resources,commercial production capacity construction, supply chain management, topublicity and promotion, and vaccination process management, have received substantial growth and upgrading. In addition to the Covid-vaccines, the development of new vaccines for other infectious or emerging diseases has also begun to accelerate.

Vaccine Innovation International Forum (VIF) will bring together more than 400 representatives from corporate executives, industry leaders, well-knownscholars, relevant government departments, etc. discussing the latest developmenttrends of the vaccine industry, business strategies, world-leading vaccine R&D progresses and breakthroughs, cooperation opportunities and other latest and most cutting-edge topics. The conference aims to provide a platform for vaccineindustry professionals to learn and communicate, and to promote international industry-university-research cooperation and business development.

Key topics for 2023:

  • Strategy for Covid-19 vaccine development

  • Next generation vaccine technology

  • International clinical Trials for Covid-19 vaccines

  • DNA/RNA technology vaccines

  • Delivery system/adjuvant technologies

  • Vaccine development for Infectious/emerging diseases

  • Global collaboration for vaccine developement

  • ......

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